Thursday, 20 August 2009

Who am I?

I'm not loved yet not hated
I'm neither friend nor foe
I'm not blood yet thicker than water
I'm not wrong but not perfect
I'm not the devil nor an angel
I'm not your child yet you are my parents
Who am I?
Just a girl, or a daughter, family or enemy?
I am..just a Daughter-in-law who is the middle of all opposites!


  1. Just curious, have you talked about all of this with your husband or mentioned anything to your in laws about how you feel? How does your husband feel about your plight? Does he interfere/stand up for you? Or is this secret pent up frustration? I am not judging you, just wanted to know the "background story" as I find this blog fascinating! Keep up the good work, I love that you are so honest and open in your writing.

  2. my curiosity is same as Sharin asked, did u shared this all with your husband?? what is his say on this? Did you talked to your parents regarding this all?

    your writings are fascinating and very open.

    May God bless you.