Friday, 17 April 2009

Should girls be brought up differently?

Yesterday I was discussing with the friend who is about to get married and just getting a taster into what married life may be about...not just the joys of being with the man you love but the baggage (sorry family) he brings with him. We went on to discuss how boys have been brought up and there seemed to be a lot of similarity between her fiance and my husband....until they got married they had mummy doing everything for them and after they have a wife...they have always been under the umberella of their parents and never had to venture out and do things by themselves...not even walk to a station...god forbid!!

However strangely enough, both me and my friend and all the girls I know have from a very young age been taught to do things ourselves and not just the house chores but looking after our finances, getting a job, walking to school, walking to a station and actually even taking upon ourselves to help our parents with their some of you may think well thats right because at some point she will have to go and look after her own home and be independent..but is that really true??

Lets take married life for a girl...or for me...

We have to listen to everything in-laws say, abide by their rules (whether you live with them or not!), tell them everything, dress how they want you to dress and to be honest go back 10 years when you were a young kid and not know anything...they expect you to have been brought up the same way as their son..who relies on them for all the know-how and shouldn't parents of girls wrap up their daughters in a bit of cotton wool as well? I am not saying this to undermine women but to make their lives easier when they get married as then they will be used to these rules and lack of freedom..rather than having it all snatched away from them

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