Monday, 20 April 2009

one kitchen...two houses

The usual routine for us at the weekend is to wake up, clean and go to the in-laws. As that...they believe is the main house and really our place is just for sleeping and having friends round...everything else is done at the theirs...thats the "true home" so to speak. However this weekend we decided that we would stay at ours as the in-laws was out, hubby wanted to watch IPL which wasn't part of the in-laws channel package and I could get some much needed rest as well as do some extra work I needed to finish. The in-laws at the last minute invited some guests round (which was a whole different issue I will cover in another post) and so wanted the guests to meet me...however being a saturday night we already had plans so we said we would try and pop in...when we did...they mentioned to the guests that we lived at a different place and the reaction was "oh seperate??" to which MIL replyed..yes but only ONE in we cook together, we eat together but we live seperately!! To which I and the hubby were shocked at why do we feel the need to explain how we live...and so what if son and DIL do live seperate to parents..I aren't living with their in-laws so why should we? Shouldn't it be follow by example? so what is the big deal? why should we eat together if we don't live together? Is it such a social shame if we do or doesn't it show that your son and DIL are actually capable of standing on their own two feet...

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